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What a great place to live!
Neillsville, Discover Wisconsin 2013 Choice Destination, is a unique community nestled in the rolling hills of central Wisconsin surrounded by natural beauty, with strong historical and cultural roots. Neillsville is a great place to visit or to call home. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, history buff, wildlife watcher, antique shopper, or sight-seer, you are sure to enjoy all Neillsville has to offer. Located in rural Wisconsin, Neillsville offers many amenities in a small town atmosphere with the metro areas of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Madison, and Milwaukee all within a convenient distance.
The friendly residents of Neillsville welcome you to visit for a day, a week, or a lifetime.




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Mar 27, 2018, Tue 06:45pm
Mar 27, 2018, Tue 07:00pm
Apr 10, 2018, Tue 06:45pm
Apr 10, 2018, Tue 07:00pm
Apr 24, 2018, Tue 06:45pm
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Department Contacts
City Clerk (715) 743-2105 [email protected]
Public Works (715) 743-5678 [email protected]
Recreation (715) 743-2400 [email protected]
Library  (715) 743-2558 [email protected]
Parks     (715) 743-7071  
Cemetery (715) 743-7071  
Water Dept.       (715) 743-3991 [email protected]
Sewer Dept. (715) 743-3592 [email protected]
Police Dept.  (non-emergency) (715) 743-3122 [email protected]